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Password Manager Guide

Some Background about Password Managers


New words or vocabularies, new lifestyles, and new businesses are the impacts and products made because of the internet. There are new words with different meanings, and computer activities, that we did not think would evolve but are introduced because of the internet. There are new systems or terms that we have to learn and understand in order for us to belong to the computer age of today. An example of a computer system that we have to learn and adapt is called password manager. A password manager is a tool that makes you store your login information through an encrypted format, and can be retrieved when needed. To prevent hackers in accessing your personal information, password managers would need a master password as your key so you can perform the retrieving and returning of your data. A master password is all you need to remember, and the password manager will recall your other passwords.


Actually, most of the online users do not know that this tool exists. Actually, those who have used it can say that once you start using it, you would not like to go back to how you put in your user name then password. They said this tool simplifies your computer life so much that they wished they had used it sooner.


Here are some of the features of a password manager that would be helpful for you to learn. What is Dashlane Password Manager?


To store your logon information, the password manager is requiring the use of some encryption algorithm. These encryption algorithms are called the data encryption standard, blowfish, advanced encryption standard and rijndael.It is advisable not to use a password manager that stores your password and user name that are not encrypted. Your user name and password are not to be in clear text file to avoid hackers to copy your information. With this security of your user name and password, the text of your information will show gibberish characters that will make hackers helpless, except if they have your master password.


With the use of your mouse, you can save and retrieve your password and user name. Locating your password manager is easy because you will see it as a toolbar on your browser and you do not need to dig into the programs folder. To visit a site, your password manager should automatically log you in after you have selected an entry from your toolbar. Use password manager that will avoid dragging and dropping user name to the page since this password manager would be intelligent enough to go to the page you want without making you work hard for it. There is a better password manager that will do the work for you which can automatically drag and drop action for you. Download dashlane now!